Catholic Funeral Services

Catholic Funeral Services

Roman Catholic funeral etiquette and rites

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Catholic Funerals in Singapore

In Singapore, we provide traditional Catholic funeral packages at Care Funeral Services, where you can select and tailor a package for your deceased loved one. In setting up your chosen funeral procession, we will walk you through the arrangements during our funeral coordination. Packages are personalised according to your needs.

In arranging Catholic funeral services, we are the experts. Even if the stated price is lower than other providers, we provide the same service quality. Most notably, as we represent Catholic communities, we use the sacred Divine of Mercy backdrop to further add refinement. We are proud of our straightforward pricing strategy, which sets us apart from the rest. In Singapore, we commit ourselves to offering genuine and compassionate funeral services.

Supporting You With The Preparations

We will enable the families of a deceased person to make the appropriate arrangements for a Catholic funeral funeral procession. At HDB void decks, church parlours, and also within the comfort and privacy of your home, we can also arrange Catholic funerals. For family members and friends to come together in remembrance of the life of their dearly departed soul, a meaningful and solemn Catholic funeral service is important. We ensure that this process goes smoothly so that a dignified farewell can be offered to your deceased loved one.

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Funeral Service

Catholics hold a Prayer Vigil reception according to the traditions of a Catholic Funeral service, which is also a funeral wake. It is where families and friends can look at the deceased’s coffin and gather to pray together. A advantage of using this approach is that it provides the family with their first viewing of the coffin and allows them to have some private time before the Catholic funeral service with their special someone. During this time, mourners gather in memory and pray with rosaries and, as a large family, give prayers together.

Our Catholic funeral services in Singapore can be either a funeral Mass, also known as a Requiem Mass, or a funeral liturgy, depending on the family’s preferences. There is prayer and sacred communion in a funeral mass. The mourners will be at the church for the communion process, where they will get the body of the deceased in the coffin, and then the communion phase will start. If the family instead prefers the funeral liturgy, then the holy communion will not be included.

Typically held during the wake and especially during the last evening of the wake, this service is the time for family , relatives and friends to gather, remember the deceased, remember special times and pray for his soul. During the Vigil Service, songs not suitable for Mass are often played as well as the favourite songs of the deceased. During this stage of the funeral rite, eulogies are not encouraged, as having a series of them during the liturgy of the funeral would interrupt and undermine the dignity of the liturgy of the funeral.


In general, a Roman Catholic funeral serves 2 purposes; to ensure that funeral rites are performed for the dead soul and to console the family and make them pray with relatives and the rest of the Church for the dead.

Funeral Liturgy

The liturgy, often observed during the Funeral Mass or Requiem Mass, may be celebrated on its own at times when mass should not be offered, such as Good Friday, Holy Week, etc. For the deceased person, this is the central and most important rite and its object is manifold.

The Committal

This normally takes place at the burial site or crematorium where, in the expectation of rising again during the afterlife, the body is committed to rest. Chaired by a priest or deacon, family and friends will often meet for the last time to offer their prayers for the deceased. This final rite of farewell gives the Catholic Funeral a meaningful end.

Experienced Priest

An experienced Catholic priest who heads the congregation for our funeral services. The prayer ceremony and other basic Catholic rituals will be led by him. Mourners may also call for tributes to the dearly departed during the vigil.

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Catholic Funeral Packages

Our Catholic funeral service plan costs $4,000 for three days, while it costs $4,700 for our five-day funeral service. We suggest the five-day package with the minute difference between both packages, so you can get value for your money. It is our pledge to our customers in Singapore that our services and goods are all affordable. All that we advertise and quote we respect. The rituals of the Catholic Funeral Service are very common to us. Your loved one, therefore, receives the honour that they deserve.

3 DaysCatholic Funeral Package$4000
5 DaysCatholic Funeral Package$4700

Premium Casket
High quality white wooden casket with half glass for casket viewing.

Body Collection and Embalming
The transition of the body into our care. A female embalmer performs embalming and make-up on the body, including dressing and casketing.

Funeral Day Set up
Slot cremation plans at a cremation crematorium. Provision of a hearse of glass for casket transfer and funeral liturgy. Arrangement for the participation of pall bearers and casket areas, including curtain arrangement, carpeted flooring and a regular tent as well. Furthermore, Catholic Candles, Holy Water & Prayer Books have a Divine of Mercy setup.

Items Non-Inclusive in Funeral Package
On a consignment basis, food catering, beverages and consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds, etc., are paid separately.

Why Choose Us

As staunch as a Catholic is, and as strong as his conviction that a loved one is heading for a better place to be in the eternal love and care of God in Heaven, it is still natural to grieve over a family member ‘s separation. It is critical that the funeral continues smoothly at such stressful times to avoid further upsetting the family. It is therefore important to have an undertaker, familiar with Catholic funeral traditions, to assist with funeral plans and arrangements. With more than 20 years of experience managing funeral services in Singapore, we have the skills that can help ensure a funeral that is dignified, meaningful and, above all, smooth. More significantly, our workers are all qualified to be both attentive and sensitive to the needs of the family; we appreciate your sorrow and we are here to assist in every way we can.

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