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Caskets are commonly made of either metal or wood, also sometimes referred to as coffins. Fiberglass coffins, finished in fake wood or marble, are also available these days and are smaller and typically used for burials of babies.

The centrepiece of a funeral is the casket or coffin, and it should be handled as such. A funeral is a highly intimate celebration, and the utmost care is needed for any decision. That’s why you want to make sure you get quality in every area of the progression, from the music to the coffin and everything in between, when you choose a funeral parlour. We have a wide range of caskets at Casket Fairprice to fit individual budget, inclination and religion in Singapore.

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A funeral should be an accurate reflection of the deceased ‘s life. Most people are shocked by how much funeral planning is involved, and when the mourning process is applied to the process, it can be extremely difficult.

The biggest issue with choosing a casket is that when the family is in an emotional state after having just lost a loved one, the decision is almost always made. This is not the right time to make buying decisions and it can be very helpful to have an experienced and truthful one-stop funeral services provider around to direct you in your casket selection.

When it comes to planning a funeral or memorial service, we introduce that extra sense of kindness and empathy. We place the focus on the client, and we are proud of our outstanding customer service, always willing to go the extra mile during this tough period of bereavement to fulfil your needs. Only read our testimonials to hear the tales of the individuals we have helped with their funeral planning and execution.

Metal Caskets

Bronze or copper are typically the most costly and prestigious of the many metals used to produce caskets. They are rust proof, known as being of the highest quality and typically priced per foot by weight. However, they are not as widely found in Singapore because metal caskets can not be used for cremation.

Wooden Caskets

These are used more often in funerals in Singapore and can be made of different types of hardwood, from mahogany to oak or even veneer. Of these, the most prestigious and costly are typically the mahogany, cherry and walnut ones, while those made with oak, poplar or veneer are usually the cheapest.

Green Caskets

Green Caskets, made of eco-friendly materials such as hemp or organic wood, are now available in Western countries, in line with the Green Movement worldwide. We are currently researching the feasibility of these caskets being brought to Singapore.

Gasketed vs Non-Gasketed Casket

There is a myth that the body can be better preserved by gasketed caskets. In reality, all they do is keep water, dust and debris out of the way. Gas will still join and exit easily and, thus, there will still be decomposition.

Interior Lining

Either silk, satin or cotton crepe is also lined within the interior. There is a selection of colours from which to choose as well.

Burial or Cremation Casket

Steel caskets as well as caskets with metal parts are immediately withdrawn if the casket is used for cremation.

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