Buddhist Funeral Services

Buddhist Funeral Services

Transition to the next life

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Buddhist Funerals in Singapore

Funeral services for Buddhists in Singapore are provided by Care Funeral Services. The essential Buddhist funeral set-up includes Buddhist monks conducting prayers. You may obtain a complete set of services shown below or decide for additional services, based on the type of Buddhist Funeral Package you have chosen.

Supporting You With The Preparations

Our Buddhist funeral services still carry this solid credence: birth, old age, and illness. All of this translates into planning for the next life. The rite leads to the peaceful transition of the deceased from one life to the next. Therefore, hiring an experienced Buddhist funeral director is critical. As a consequence, in Singapore, we are well-versed in managing Buddhist funerals. We’re not saying we’re fine. People tell us we are healthy, for instance. In Singapore, we are trusted by many. We make it simple for Buddhist funeral services.

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Funeral Service

In Singapore, Buddhist funeral rites and rituals mostly focus on the belief in reincarnation. This belief in karma and its influence on rebirth is also the subject of much of the Buddhist religion. Therefore, death marks the beginning of a fresh round of rebirth for a Buddhist, measured by both the nature and amount of karma accrued during a deceased’s lifetime. For the family, rather than giving a meaningful and dignified sendoff to the deceased loved one, the funeral helps to help him move on to his new life smoothly. The funeral will also act as a strong reminder of the fleeting existence of life for everyone present.

In addition, you might fail to find the right Buddhist monk to perform a funeral service for Buddhists. Care Funeral Services also allows you to find the best monk for the deceased. We also guide you through all the conventional teachings of Buddhism related procedures. We are only advising you on what is required. Our goal is to help you achieve cost savings. Just like any other family, we care about you.

Buddhists, therefore, generally assume that life and death are part of a cycle known as samsara. The death of a loved one needs a straightforward reality. And that life is sacred and has meaning. Though it is inevitable, such trials can occur during the lifetime of someone. We’re here ready to assist.

In other words, you can call us directly to ask if you want assistance in the planning and execution of a Buddhist funeral. Singapore Funeral Services offers comfort and guide for any Buddhist funeral procession. We make troubling times convenient for all, thus. We are a leading Buddhist funeral director who strives to achieve excellence in serving you.

Setting Before Death

For the sake of a dying loved one, a serene atmosphere should be preserved just before and during death. Better yet, through this dying process, a monk or representative of the Buddhist group to which the dying person belongs should be present to support him.

Intermediate States of Afterlife

Many Buddhists assume that before the deceased person is eventually reborn in another body, there are 3 intermediate afterlife states. Buddhist practise also calls for the body to stay undisturbed for around 4 hours after death and at least 3.5 days before cremation, following this belief in the stages of consciousness after death.

Funeral Ceremony

There is not one practise or service common to all, because there are several branches of Buddhism. That said, Chinese Buddhist funeral ceremonies typically last 49 days, the most important being the first 7 days. Before funeral arrangements are confirmed, the deceased family member’s Buddhist community should be consulted to ensure the correct rituals are performed.

Cremation or Burial

Traditionally, following the example of Buddha, Buddhists are cremated after death. However, this is not obligatory, as burials are still permitted. To lead the chanting, a monk should preferably be involved during the cremation or interment. This service is included in our kit for Buddhist funerals.

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Buddhist Funeral Packages

For Buddhist funeral service, for three 3 days, we have Buddhist funeral packages ranging from just $5,500. Compared to the other suppliers of services, we deliver the most affordable price. We have the contents of the package clearly specified. That allows you to understand what you are paying for. In addition, at $6,500 only, you can also hire our services for five days. Please see the full details of our funeral packages for Buddhists. It’s not expensive to have a basic Buddhist funeral service. Our Buddhist funeral package is priced affordably. We want you to know what it is that you pay for. When in doubt, just give us a call. We will, in conclusion, guide you. For you, we want to be here.

3 DaysBasic Buddhist Funeral Package$5000
3 DaysStandard Buddhist Funeral Package$5500
5 DaysStandard Buddhist Funeral Package$6500

Premium Quality Casket
High quality and well-polished half-glass casket for viewing.

Body Collection and Embalming Service
To bring the body into our care, we provide transfer services. A qualified embalming and makeup service by a female embalmer on the body.

Buddhist Monk Chant & Vegetarian Food Offering
During the Encoffining and Funeral Day, we provide a personal monk in participation to conduct Chinese Buddhist chants. On the last night of the Traditional Buddhist Funeral Kit, three monks will attend. Each chanting session also provides a set of vegetarian food offerings.

Non-Inclusive Items in Buddhist Funeral Package

On a consignment basis, food catering, beverages, and other consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds, etc. are paid separately. Incense papers, offerings from Paper House, etc., are also sold separately. Instead of spending unnecessarily on unused items, you will only be asked to pay only for what you need.

The above prices are for funeral wakes and ceremonies conducted on empty decks of the HDB. Due to variations in the setup of the tentage, the prices can vary slightly for Buddhist funeral wakes held at private housing. At a funeral parlour, customers can also opt to hold the funeral wake. Please be aware that funeral parlour wakes are subject to availability and are billed separately from the price of the Buddhist funeral kit. The price varies for parlour packages and packages kept on the HDB Void Deck. To find out more, please phone us.

Why Choose Us

We are a reputable director of funeral services who is experienced in the management and arrangement of Buddhist funeral services. In Singapore, we have more than 20 years of experience operating. Since we know that even the simplest decisions will seem incredibly difficult to make for the bereaved family during this challenging time, we have ensured that our funeral consultants are more than properly skilled if the need arises to provide guidance on any Buddhist funeral customs and traditions. Above all, as we understand the pain of losing a loved one, our workers are well qualified to be both attentive and sensitive to the family’s needs. In our work, we take pride and it is represented in the many reviews we receive from the families we have helped.

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