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Our vision is to be the leading provider of funeral services in Singapore by continually developing ourselves to adhere to the funeral industry’s high standards of quality, including honesty , fairness and price transparency. Our prices are clear and they are listed on our website. You would never be required to pay more or be overcharged. What you see on our website is what you are going to pay for, precisely.


To ensure that everybody gets to say goodbye to their loved ones in the most respectful and honourable way possible, we aim to offer the most competent and accessible options for family funeral services. To ensure you deal equally during the funeral service, you will not be allowed to pay for something you have not used or eaten. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, whether rich or poor, deserves a dignified send-off.

About Care Funeral

Care Funeral Services, a trusted brand of funeral service in Singapore, has supported thousands of families from 1996. We are a one-stop funeral company that runs our own funeral parlours and related services with our full-time staff and a devoted team. Although adhering to local funeral traditions and customs, our business utilises modern methods of service. We are proud of ourselves as a caring service provider committed to personalised service that gives comfort to the bereaved and a dignified tribute to their cherished loved ones.

We have gradually grown to be one of the leading providers of funeral services in Singapore. With several years of funeral service experience in this area, our team aims to give Singapore families non-compulsory funeral advice. As we believe that everybody deserves a dignified send-off, we are always proud to keep our prices affordable for everyone. We firmly believe that a high price tag does not necessarily have to come with a funeral service of quality. Our team of skilled funeral service personnel are here to help families step by step through this tough period.

We’re packed with the youngest and latest fleet of vehicles to make sure your loved ones travel in comfort. Coping with the loss of your loved one is the biggest challenge in life, so we extend our care to make the right decisions for families during this grieving and painful period. In Singapore, we are the chosen service of choice among many families. We don’t say we are fine. There are people telling us that we’re good. We respect what we publicise on our website. For something additional or unreasonable, you will not be allowed to pay. To date, we have helped more than 5,000 happy families.

Our Expertise

For all faiths, as well as for both inbound and outbound Singapore funeral repatriation services, we handle funerals. For most of the Singapore Embassies, we are the preferred agent for funeral repatriation. Since our inception in this industry, we have been serving various high profile and prominent figures in Singapore. We own one of the youngest fleets in the industry in terms of transportation needs for the dearly departed. Many high profile cases, i.e. officials, murder cases, death penalty cases, unnatural deaths, etc., have been treated. We are well versed in the procedure for any funeral processions. Speak to us now in order to find out more. We continue to aspire to believe that everyone, rich or poor, deserve a dignified send-off. And that is what has taken us so far with this calling.

When you are planning a funeral, you want to make sure you are making all the right choices. Making those important decisions for a funeral can be a confusing and daunting process , particularly during a time of bereavement. We are there to provide much-needed encouragement, advice and gentle suggestions. At Care Funeral in Singapore, we deliver an experienced, tactful and caring funeral director and undertaker service.


Professional Service

Our company has a straightforward pricing strategy, and our funeral packages for you to compare are priced on our website. Inside the packets, the contents are clearly specified, so you know what you are paying for. We seek to keep our rates as low as realistically possible in the firm belief that quality service should not come at a premium. We honour what we advertise and quote. For our goods and services, our promise is to deliver fair and realistic rates. We also have CaseTrust accreditation in order to further assure clients of our best business practises, commitment to fair trade and transparency.

We are guided by a strict Code of Ethics to uphold the highest professional ethical standards principles in the delivery of successful end-life services with the utmost concern and respect for the deceased and their families. We’re really giving you total peace of mind with us. With the highest reverence and dignity, every last journey is completed.

Our Unique Touch

And life is precious, and so a special funeral is worthy of every well-lived life. We will work with you to plan the ideal funeral or memorial service that will be ideally appropriate for the deceased to be remembered. From the funeral service and the casket to the flowers to the music, photographs and video clips, we will help you create the ideal embodiment of life in celebration. No matter what you have in mind, we will accomplish it by working alongside you, whether it’s big or small. We are also following a humane approach and will bring personal touch to the process. We always put the client first, so you know you are getting the support you deserve across it all. Simply read our testimonials and see how we have made a significant difference to so many bereaved families.

We are a funeral parlour that recognises the sensitivity and empathy needed to go smoothly with the funeral planning process and execution. If you need more detail about our services or how we can customise a perfectly customised funeral or memorial service, give us a call and we can address your needs. Contact us to organise any part of a memorial service or funeral.

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