Repatriation Services

Repatriation Services

Professional and swift international repatriation

international repatriation

International Repatriation in Singapore

We specialise in Singapore’s inbound and outbound overseas funeral repatriation services. If a tragic death happens overseas, we are there to provide Singapore repatriation services to help you effectively get your body back to the homeland. Getting repatriation services does not need to be hard or costly. We want to be here with you.

This is why we guarantee this regardless of Singapore’s entry or exit. We are able to ship dead bodies globally. We are also the chosen repatriation service business in Singapore for the Singapore Embassy.

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Repatriation Services

We provide repatriation advice, air freight services, private jet departures, and several other services related to repatriation. These programmes make it easier for you to go through this painful and confusing period, so that you can be peaceful with the passing of your loved one.

We also give people around the world our trusted repatriation services. We are able to provide you with peace of mind in making plans according to your individual needs. You can be confident that your beloved one will be with you for the funeral service with a large network of foreign funeral homes that we partner with regularly.

Our highly flexible repatriation services in Singapore also mean that we manage all the necessary details, such as the processing of paperwork, flight bookings, and even the arrangement of the body with the funeral directors for the international repatriation process. Additionally, at the conclusion of the repatriation journey, these funeral directors will also meet with the liaisons. Call us directly if in doubt.

Widely Experienced

Strong professional relationships with various foreign Embassies and High Commissions and familiar with different countries’ regulations and specific requirements.

Overseas Coordination

Seek and coordinate arrangements with the overseas receiver to receive the deceased ‘s body or cremated remains and to coordinate the funeral wake on behalf of the family of the bereaved.

Repatriation Packages

We have a very inexpensive package of repatriation ranging from $2,000 onwards. To ensure that our consumers can always know and appreciate what they pay for, we deliver a fair price and have a clear pricing policy.

International Repatriation PackageFrom $2000

Typical Steps

  • The acquisition of a death certificate
  • Registering the death at the embassy in question
  • Engaging a nearby funeral director to manage the logistics for outbound repatriation
  • Engaging a home country funeral director to handle the inbound logistics

Documentation Required

  • Death Certificate
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Encoffin Certificate
  • List of our Scope of Service

Repatriation from Singapore

  • Body collection for embalming and encoffining
  • Increase the necessary documentation to receive the coffin export permit
  • Manage the the logistics to bring the body back to the home country
  • Booking all flights and lodging for the bereaved family

Repatriation to Singapore

  • Manage all required documents and logistics to ensure that the remains are permitted to Singapore and avoid unnecessary delays
  • Real funeral placement, including burial or cremation arrangements
  • Accompanying a family member to provide guidance on selection and repatriation to foreign countries

Why Choose Us

We are an effective and fast service that sympathetically and passionately supports you. We know that this particular time can be hard for you; hence, we ensure that you receive your loved one ‘s body in the least amount of time possible. In addition, During every step of the process, we keep you updated so that you can understand the delivery schedule and when the body reaches.

In addition, we are committed to ensuring that all the necessary documents needed for repatriation are approved within a short time frame of a few hours, irrespective of whether it is a weekend or public holiday, as we have strong international relations with embassies and consular agencies. Our pledge is that no other repatriation service will be able to offer the same effective service as us. The chosen repatriation funeral partner for embassies in Singapore is also Funeral Services Singapore.

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