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Condolence wreaths are usually seen in Singapore at all funeral services. These wreath-shaped funeral flowers symbolise the eternity of life and have been part of worldwide funeral rituals since the days of the Ancient Greeks. In funeral processions of many religions, they have been used. Funeral Services Singapore has a wreath service with special condolences that has a selection with floral wreaths required for funeral processions.

We have been in the company of funeral services and processions since 1997 and have a great deal of experience of which flowers are most suitable. And valued in the decoration of a funeral depending on the deceased ‘s religious association and their relatives. Our years of experience have helped us to choose the right floral wreaths that dignify the beloved ‘s death and give sympathy on the part of family and friends as well.

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Depending on the faith, there are many kinds of flowers that you may select for a funeral, such as roses, as each of them has various meanings. It is everything, however, to express the condolences and grief of the deceased and their family. Our profession is to set up a memorial tribute site with individually designed flowers, considering that including memorial tribute sites does not entail any occasion and activities to mourn the death of a close person or someone dear to you.


Lilies, especially white ones, are commonly used here in Singapore for funerals. They are liked as its pureness of the soul connotes their white hue. They are an apt expression of compassion as well.


Carnations, known for their toughness, are also frequently used in condolence wreaths. They symbolise nostalgia and respect for many, both of which are very important for the use of funeral flowers.


The use of chrysanthemums in funeral floral arrangements is also a common choice, both in Europe and Asia. For example, in China, white carnations are used to convey grief and lamentation.


Another good choice for funeral wreaths is roses. They give a very good expression of one’s love in general, as well as sadness. Like yellow roses, the white rose, which signifies purity and respect, is also used to symbolise the close bond of friendship with the deceased.

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