Non-Religious Funeral Services

Non-Religious Funeral Services

A simple final send-off for Free Thinkers

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Non-Religious Funerals in Singapore

We include funeral packages for non-religious and free thinker families and individuals without religious conformity with a simple final send-off. For your loved ones, we properly manage funeral arrangements and processions from start to finish.

You can receive a complete package of services shown below or opt for additional services, depending on the type of funeral package you choose.

Supporting You With The Preparations

A family member ‘s departure is an intensely excruciating event for the family. If you are religious or not, the need to say goodbye to loved ones in an honourable manner remains the same. Therefore, it is also important to hold a free thinker or a non-religious funeral in an honourable way.

Normally, when we provide the non-religious Free Thinker funeral services, we do not need to concentrate much on religious belief, but on other considerations, such as culture, personality, and the deceased’s wish. We will address all these considerations with the family and take care of all the process for them. Since we realise that love is lost under the sadness of being lost. The family finds it difficult to prepare and arrange the funeral smoothly. Therefore, we are not only here to help, but also to express the family’s condolences.

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Funeral Service

Non-religious funerals are no different from those that are religious. By saying farewell in a sincere, intimate, meaningful and dignified way, they serve the same purposes. The event also seeks to honour and remember the life of the deceased individual while offering condolences and expressing the family’s sorrow and loss.

A beloved family member ‘s death is often traumatic. With or without faith, the need to display last regards, bid final goodbye and honour the deceased with a honourable funeral remains the same. Giving an adequate funeral service to the deceased family member goes a long way towards healing the pain and grief for the rest of the family, and failure to do so will result in remorse and regret.

Dignified and simple

While it is necessary for some to have a grand funeral, the amount of money spent does not necessarily correlate to how dignified the funeral is. A plain, well planned funeral may often be more personal and meaningful than a grand funeral. The thought put in to arranging the funeral is what is important. The best funerals are always the ones where members of the family can claim that it’s the way the departed would have liked it.

Planning a Non-Religious Funeral

There is generally more free play permitted when it comes to planning and arranging a non-religious funeral without having to take into consideration the conditions imposed by faith or religious beliefs. When preparing one, factors such as how the deceased would have liked it, his lifestyle, temperament and even family, cultural or ethnic customs can all be easily taken into account. Therefore, such funerals can be very meaningful for both family and friends in attendance, if well organised.

Role of a Funeral Director

Sadly, during such periods of mourning, families can be quickly overwhelmed by sorrow. Planning a funeral well would be difficult as it is difficult to make even the smallest of decisions at such periods. As such, it is generally advantageous to have a reliable provider of one stop funeral services, skilled in managing non-religious funerals. When required, we can provide advice on arranging funerals and ensure that even the simplest of details are taken care of; the funeral arrangements will go seamlessly with us as expected.

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Non-Religious Funeral Packages

Our all-inclusive funeral service kit for free thinkers is robust enough to include all without worries that you will like to perform the funeral for your loved ones. Packages which are competitively priced with a clear pricing policy. The contents are clearly defined inside the packets, so you know what you are paying for. We aim to retain our rates as low as fairly possible. What we advertise and quote, we honour. Our promise is to deliver fair and competitive prices for our goods and services.

3 DaysNon-Religious Funeral Package$3800
5 DaysNon-Religious Funeral Package$4500
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