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Soka Funerals in Singapore

We are the experts who arrange and host Soka funeral services in Singapore. All people hold a semblance of Buddhahood, according to the Soka Association ‘s beliefs, and there is no need for a priest or cleric to be present in the Soka faith. A common misunderstanding of Soka is that it is a type of Buddhism that is condensed. Soka, however, is primarily a Japanese Buddhist religion based on the teaching of Nichiren, a 13th-century Japanese priest.

Supporting You With The Preparations

In different countries across the globe, there are several Soka organisations. We work closely with the Singapore Soka Association in Singapore, which is part of an international group of Soka-affiliated organizations which are part of the international Soka Gakkai movement.

Our Soka funeral services are in line with the Nichiren Buddhism concept. The central aim is to cultivate and convey sympathy for the deceased. Compared to traditional and traditional Buddhist funerals, a Soka funeral set up is comparatively more straightforward. A Soka Gakkai chief, instead of a Buddhist monk, is the one who performs the funeral service by leading Sutra recitations and Daimoku chanting. Such prayers help propel the dead to the height of enlightenment of Soka, the Eagle Peak.

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The traditional Japanese Buddhist funeral ceremony, rid of many of its excessively formalised and complicated rituals and practises, is often seen as a simpler, modernised version of Soka Funeral Services. Many members of Soka Gakkai think that Buddhist teachings focus on how to live and how to achieve enlightenment, rather than on rich, elaborate and frequently formalised practises and rituals.

Soka funeral services are carried out by a Soka Gakkai chief rather than a Buddhist priest, unlike other Buddhist funerals. This member presides over the recital and chanting of the Sutra. Soka practitioners believe that having a leader conduct the funeral with the Sutra ‘s entire heart and heartfelt chanting is more profound and heart rendering than just rituals performed by a priest. Members of Soka Gakkai often claim that it is not ceremonies or priest sermons that will assist the deceased member to attain enlightenment, but rather the leader and members during the service, the genuine and steadfast recital of the Sutra and chanting of the Daimoku.

In the funeral ceremony and on memorial tablets, the secular name of the deceased member is used as members of Soka Gakkai do not practise giving posthumous Buddhist names to kaimyo.

Settings of a Soka Funeral

In all, the Soka Funeral’s modernised, minimalist feeling is very much in line with the firm of Soka members believing that achieving enlightenment is very much the product of their faith and practice, the Buddhist way, rather than by funeral rites, giving posthumous Buddhist names or sermons given by the Buddhist priest and intercession.

Role of a Funeral Director

Prior to 1991, within the Nichiren Shōshū branch of Buddhism, the Soka Gakkai was still deemed a lay Buddhist movement; it is thus a relatively recent religious movement. In addition, teachings centred more on guiding practitioners to maximise their full potential in life, to live a worthy life and to be a helpful contributing member of society, with Soka (meaning Value Development in Chinese), funerals and death being less of an emphasis than living the present life well. Therefore, on new media outlets, such as the Internet, not much is written about Soka funeral ceremonies.

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Soka Funeral Packages

Our standard Soka funeral packages come in 2 variations.
Our services may also include pallbearer services, embalming, cosmetology, casketing, service setup, and also cremation at Mandai Crematorium. With our transparent pricing policy, you can be sure that you only pay for what you use. The contents in the Soka funeral packages are transparent. We aim to keep our prices as reasonably low as possible. Our promise is to provide our services and products at an affordable and fair price, so you’re able to hold a well-deserved funeral for your dearly departed loved one without spending too much money.

3 DaysSoka Funeral Package$4000
5 DaysSoka Funeral Package$4700

Casket Services
Quality dark wood or light polished wood finish casket

Body Collection and Embalming
The transition of the body into our care. A female embalmer performs embalming and make-up on the body, including dressing and casketing.

Funeral Day Arrangements
Reservation of cremation spaces with the addition of cremation fees at Mandai Crematorium. Glass hearse for carrying the casket to the cremation Mandai Crematorium.

Items Non-Inclusive

On a consignment basis, food catering, beverages and consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds are paid separately. On a consignment basis, t-shirts are also available for sale.

Why Choose Us

Firstly, with several years of experience, we are a luxury funeral services firm in Singapore. We have therefore arranged several Soka Funeral Services in Singapore and have therefore become very familiar with the needs. In addition, our director himself is a representative and representative of the Singapore Soka Association and consistently contributes to the Singapore Soka Association without fail, which makes Soka Funeral Services in Singapore even more proficient in its handling. We deliver, most of all, a competent specialist who truly understands your sorrow. We are therefore prepared to stay next to you, giving you a peace of mind knowing that all preparations are going to go smoothly.

Most notably, our fairly priced prices. We are not resorting to unethical practises and can only guarantee transparent pricing for you. Therefore, when it comes to Soka funeral services in Singapore, you can be sure you are in the best hands.

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