Christian Funeral Services

Christian Funeral Services

Passage to the afterlife

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Christian Funerals in Singapore

Care Funeral Services provides important Christian funeral services in Singapore with packages for their departed loved-ones to accommodate the funeral needs of families. You can receive a complete set of services shown below or opt for additional services depending on the type of Christian Funeral Package you have selected.

We are led by a team of Christian trained funeral directors with more than three decades of company experience. Our mission is to provide the people of Singapore with fine standards and meaningful Christian funeral services with honesty and sincerity. With our customers, we are continually changing and delivering service excellence that suits their condition and needs. As funeral directors, we view our job as an honour to have closure for our customers and their beloved loved ones. Because of this, we are Singapore’s chosen director of Christian funeral services.

Supporting You With The Preparations

We provide affordable Christian funeral services for all in Singapore. The Bible mentions that for all time, we eventually rest. The definition of time or the things that are going-on of the world around us, we no longer pay much attention to. This is something we may never have the correct answers to until it’s our time. It is hassle-free for us to arrange a Christian funeral.

Our services are a solemn and dignified memorial service which aims to unite a dearly departed person’s family and friends. It is a ceremony where, during the most painful time in life, they will comfort one another. In Singapore, most funeral processes follow a traditional sequential pattern.

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Funeral Service

It may feel really difficult to prepare a Christian funeral service and some people will feel confused. We are, therefore, helping you cross the distance. For the Christian memorial service, we will do all the requisite preparations, so your loved one who has passed can have a dignified and meaningful farewell ceremony with their family and friends. To support you, we are here. If in doubt, send us a call or check out our Christian funeral packages.

The style and order of Christian funerals can vary from denomination to denomination. Which is why thorough funeral arrangements and preparations should be made in consultation with the pastor and Congregation. However, several churches are likely to accommodate the family ‘s suggestions or those of the deceased in the funeral service as much as possible if he has left directives on the conduct of his funeral. For the relatives, this is to make the funeral personal and meaningful.

The atmosphere at Christian Funerals is always one of joy, optimism and comfort; they are all at once uplifting, personal and meaningful. This is because many Christians share the conviction that, since redemption is offered to those who love and believe in Christ, the dead are heading for a better place.

Open Casket Viewing

For family , relatives and friends to pay their last respect, it is customary in Christian funerals for the casket to remain open during the wake.

Funeral Service and Commendation

The Christian funeral service conducted in church or at the funeral home always ends with a final commendation in which God’s loving grace and care is commended to the deceased.


This typically takes place at the crematorium or final resting site. This is typically a very sacred moment when, with the promise of rising again to eternal life in the grace of Heaven, the body is pledged back to earth.

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Christian Funeral Packages

Our Christian funeral packages at Care Funeral Services are affordably priced while still promising efficiency. We have a straightforward payment policy in effect, and you pay only for what you use. View more detailed details on our Christian funeral packages.

3 DaysChristian Funeral Package$4000
5 DaysChristian Funeral Package$4700

Premium Casket
High quality white wooden casket with fine finishing and a half glass for viewing.

Body Collection and Embalming
The transition of the body into our care. A female embalmer performs professional embalming and makeup including dressing and casketing.

Funeral Day Set-Up
Slot Booking for Reservation and Cremation. Modern & Grand Christian style backdrop, design of the casket area include carpeted flooring, tentage, and curtains, This includes Funeral Day glass hearse transportation, Mandai cremation fees, and ash collection service.

Items Non-Inclusive
On a consignment basis, food catering, beverages, and consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds are paid separately.

Why Choose Us

Christians have a common idea in how funeral rites should work. Therefore, the order of service can vary slightly. Christians usually believe that by God’s grace they achieve salvation. It is necessary, however, to discuss with your pastor the setting and feeling of a funeral service beforehand. In addition, we’re Singapore’s preferred Christian Funeral Director. Likewise, our testimonials say everything. Call us if in doubt. We are available 24 hours.

Furthermore, for many years, we have been delivering Christian funeral services. This makes us stand out for our high-quality service and cost. Therefore, particularly after the loss of a dear one, making the simplest of choices may not be so easy. We are readily available to provide advice and support to families , for example. We are here for you, in conclusion. For example, every step of the way, let us guide you. Likewise, we make tough moments comforting for you.

Most notably, when we make all plans, we listen to the views of families and take their wishes into account. This ensures that our views are not forced on you, nor do we resort to unethical tactics to persuade you. People tell us we are healthy, for instance. We are, above all, helping to empower you.

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